The Disaster brings you the best video reports, movies and documentaries about the worst and biggest disasters of our lifetime. Natural disasters like the Japan Tsunami or Hurricane Sandy or man-made disasters like Chernobyl and Twin Towers.
Natural disasters
2013 Meteor Russia
2012 Hurricane Sandy
2011 Japan Tsunami
2010 Haiti earthquake
2005 Hurricane Katrina
2004 Indonesia Tsunami
1985 Armero Colombia
1976 Tangshan earthquake

Man-Made disasters
2011 Fukushima
2011 Norway Massacre
2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
2001 September 11 (terror attack)
1988 Lockerbie bombing
1986 Chernobyl
1986 Space Shuttle Challenger
1984 Bhopal India
1977 Tenerife Airport

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